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Future Minds Literacy and Adult Education Inc.  invites students free of charge to participate in a learning community that allows them to work at their own pace, address barriers to learning, and identify their personal learning styles. Future Minds Inc. has developed a plan to improve the academic and technical skills of students participating in the GED/Literacy Program. Future Minds Literacy and Adult Education Inc. program is designed to offer adults 16 and older who do not yet have a diploma or high school equivalency (GED) an educational option other than dropping out of high school.

Literacy component also known as basic education program for adults, offers one-to-one and classroom instruction in reading, writing and math. These classes cover a wide range of skills depending upon the needs and goals of the students.​ For example, some students want to read to their children and help them with schoolwork. Others want to prepare for the written driver’s license exam or understand printed forms. Read newspaper, or their mail etc.

Future Minds Literacy and Adult Education Inc. GED component prepares students for the official GED exams which includes four tests on Reasoning through Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Mathematical Reasoning. Future Minds Literacy and Adult Education Inc. instructor and volunteers prepare students to succeed on these tests and also teach them test-taking skills. Due to the test being offered 100% online it is crucial for all students to have basic computer skills. Future Minds Literacy and Adult Education Inc. provides a minimum range of computer training classes for beginners and then progress to specific software applications such as Word.